Onsite and Remote Technical Support

Focus on your business while we focus on your technology.

Your business loses up to three weeks in a year to unsupported technical troubleshooting.1 And each incident adds lost time while simultaneously reducing employee performance by roughly 70%.2 Use our onsite and remote technical support to reduce your office downtime and increase your office productivity.

Onsite and remote support have individual advantages, you deserve both.

Our onsite and remote support provides all the benefits of a permanent in-house technician at a fraction of the cost. You will always have a technician readily available to help you whenever, and wherever, you want. Read the chart below to learn more about how our services benefit you.


Face-to-face: Build relationships and benefit from in-person communication.

Knowledge of business: Provides seamless integration of our technicians into your business. We will know how a small action in one part of the company affects the rest.

Prompt hardware service: Sending a computer out for service can take months. A local technician reduces downtime to hours.


Fastest response: Readily available Help Desk 24/7.

Cost effective: In-house technicians can cost you up to 50% more than our services. With remote support, you don’t need to pay for travel either.

Nonintrusive: Less distraction for other employees when troubleshooting.


Proactive and reactive care eliminates distraction.

Eliminate forgotten updates and reduce hours spent troubleshooting. Our technicians monitor your system and support your employees in day-to-day tasks. We solve your problems before they ever reach you, and are there when they do.

Our onsite and remote support can reduce your spending, increase your protection, prevent distractions, and so much more.

Read more about our services including technology assessments, hardware and software support, and 24/7 helpdesk or call us for a personal consultation at: 925-299-9500. Can’t call? Email us at info@colemanitg.com


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