Serving Clients In A Variety of Industries


For accounting practices, nothing is more important than a backed-up and secure computer network. We currently work with many account offices to stay ahead of all of the latest back-up, security, and software updates. (Currently Serving: CPA Firms and Tax and Bookkeeping Firms)


As a service business, we know how important it is to have a first-rate computer network integrated with a top-notch telephone service to answer your customers’ every call. We are also experienced in many construction-focused software and understand the dynamics of a regularly moving workplace.


From electronic medical records to practice management software, medical practices are our specialty and make up much of our clientele. With over ten years of experience in this environment, we both advise and support our healthcare professionals. (Currently Serving: Pediatrics, General Practices, OB/GYNs, Orthopedics, and Surgery Centers)


There are many veterinary clinics we work with in the Bay Area. No matter if you’re looking for simply keeping your client information organized, protected, and backed up; or if you’re looking to improve your clinic as a whole for a more streamlined business, we’ll be there to help consult, improve, and maintain.

Financial Services

Being connected to all the data you need, anywhere, anytime, is a game changer in finances. Making sure you’re able to get what you need, when you need it, is all part of the job. At Coleman ITG we make sure you are not without these necessities to keep your business up and running.


Having worked with a number of legal practices for over 10 years, we understand the values placed in reliable and secure servers. You can rest assured our monitoring and maintenance only lets authorized eyes see your files.


If you trace our roots you will find they are burrowed deep in helping our individual clients. Having grown out of a residential business, we still maintain that aspect to us. No matter if you need a computer repair or a whole home set up, we’re here to help.

Home Based Business

Today’s business environment requires that you be connected to work and the world at all times. We’re pros at integrating home, office, and travel so you can stay connected all the time — quickly, efficiently, securely.

Simplify Your Business IT. Simplify Your Life.