Domain & Email Hosting

Coleman Information Technology Group provides guaranteed uptime of your domain and email services, along with threat protection, loss prevention, and message continuity.

Threat Protection

  • Have viruses and spam eliminated before they reach you.

  • Spam quarantine report allows personalized management.

  • Adapts quickly to new threats released.

  • Nervous about opening something? Use our 24/7/365 Helpdesk.

Loss Prevention

  • Guaranteed uptime so you don’t lose work hours.

  • Enables rapid recovery from unplanned disasters.

  • Securely sends and encrypts your email.

  • Messages can be included in our backup & recovery service.

Email Message Continuity

  • Messages archived and regulatory compliant.

  • Compliant solutions for FINRA/NASD, SEC, SOX, HIPAA, and more.

  • Quickly deployed solutions to meet compliance stands.

  • Easy administration with role-based permissions.


The business world is changing quickly, and our solutions enable you to make budget appropriate investments to protect and maintain secure communications between your staff and your clients.

We provide you the opportunity to leverage technology to receive the same benefits that enterprise businesses use to communicate, schedule, manage tasks, and remain informed about critical business issues and events without the enterprise cost. Allow us to help protect you from threats and disasters, meet compliance requirements, improve efficiencies, and productivity while also saving on costs and growing your business with our domain and email solutions.

Want to know more about our domain hosting?

Our hosting solutions include everything you need to market your business online – and easily manage and maintain it. Leverage our web hosting expertise and reap the benefits.Leave the server management to us so you can focus your time concentrating on what you do best: running your business. We are your resource to make domain hosting easy.

  • Highly available and reliable web hosting.
  • Customizable hosting configurations.
  • Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Fast and easy setup to go-live.
  • Best-in-class service response time.
  • Professional hosting environment.
  • Domain name services.
  • Shared and dedicated solutions.

No matter if you are switching to us, or moving from one host to another, we will make the transition smooth for you. Enjoy having access to our dedicated helpdesk and friendly support as you need it. In fact, if you have more questions feel free to call us or reach out though any of our messaging services.

Simplify Your Business IT. Simplify Your Life.