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Helpdesk & Onsite Support

Fast, reliable, care is one phone call away.

Do not struggle against automated operators. Our Help Desk is 100% human and 100% office integrated. Operators will not guess which department you need or allow your call to be bounced around. Help Desk representatives make sure a solution is achieved with the least amount of struggle. Let our people do the legwork and enjoy the fast and efficient care of our Help Desk.

Get service all day, every day.

Are you working after hours? Does your business operate day and night? No problem, we are here to solve technical troubles at all hours. Our 24/7/365 Help Desk offers quick assistance no matter what time the issue occurs.

Coleman Information Technology Group works with numerous all-hour businesses. From medical groups to veterinary clinics, we understand the importance of keeping your business running day and night. 

You have a representative in our office.

Our Help Desk personnel are more than customer service, they are customer advocates and representatives. They speak out for you within our offices and make sure to track down solutions so you can rest assured. No matter if you need help with a technical issue, scheduling, or billing… our Help Desk is here to drive every concern to a resolution.

Talk with one of our Help Desk representatives today and learn about our services at 925-299-9500 or contact us

Simplify Your Business IT. Simplify Your Life.