Technology Solution Assessment

Evaluate your office technology with insights from expert technicians.

Assessments create paths to complete technology solutions. Make sure your path is clear with one of our technology representatives. We evaluate your situation, your needs, and the needs of your system, to make sure every aspect of your new or improved system is in alignment. To put it simply we:

  • Learn about you and your technology goals.
  • Understand your business culture and atmosphere.
  • Inspect, onsite, what your current or new office needs.
  • Offer recommendations for an improved system.
  • Create a comprehensive guide to achieving your goals.

With over 10 years of experience, we know that small businesses need custom-tailored IT. Each assessment personalizes and tailors technology solutions to your, unique, business.

Avoid technical emergencies by having a prepared and protected business.

Our assessments decrease the risk of technical emergencies while protecting and preparing you for them. When our technicians evaluate your business they factor in more than just your equipment. They consider the human element to your business as well. Our assessments include the following:

  • Recommendations for employee technical security training.
  • Recommendations for emergency procedure documents.
  • Evaluation of regularly needed software and firmware updates.
  • Evaluation of employee passwords and security protocol.

Coleman Information Technology Group is devoted to supporting small businesses. We strive to help you succeed by removing any and all technology concerns. Through our assessments, we hope to create a lasting relationship of trust and accountability. You can learn more about us by reading about our others services such as computer repair, vendor management, and our onsite and remote support.

Our technicians meet every emergency with solutions.

If your system has already been harmed, do not worry. Our experienced technicians generate assessments quickly and with special attention to your situation. Get information, solutions, and resolutions you need with our emergency assessments and services. Call now at 925-299-9500 if you are experiencing a technical emergency.

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Simplify Your Business IT. Simplify Your Life.